Inspiring Inquiry and Preparing Lifelong Learning in Your Online Course is one of four microcredentials available in ACUE's Course in Effective Online Teaching Practices. Modules in this credential present practices for motivating students online, providing clear directions and explanations in online courses, integrating visualization tools in online courses, using advanced questioning in online courses, developing self-directed online learners, and using data and feedback to improve online teaching.
Individuals who earn this certificate have satisfied the expectations of the ACUE microcredential Inspiring Inquiry and Lifelong Learning in Your Online Course, including successful completion of at least 6 modules aligned to ACUE’s Effective Practice Framework. Certificate holders have demonstrated knowledge of and skill in implementing teaching practices that promote student achievement. Certificate holders typically have invested approximately 12.5 hours to meet course requirements.
In ACUE's module Motivating Students Online, faculty learn how to motivate by developing students’ appreciation for their discipline. In addition, the module includes practices for sustaining student attention by using a variety of resources and supporting student success through goal setting and using points to encourage participation.
Awarded August 28, 2022
In ACUE's module Providing Clear Directions and Explanations in Online Courses, faculty learn how to provide high-quality directions for tasks by breaking down an activity into steps and modeling and recording the steps. In addition, the module includes practices for checking student comprehension of task directions.
Awarded September 2, 2022
In ACUE's module Integrating Visualization Tools in Online Courses, faculty learn how to use concept maps and a variety of other visualization tools to help students understand complex interrelationships between concepts, principles, and ideas.
Awarded September 15, 2022
In ACUE's module Using Data and Feedback to Improve Online Teaching, faculty learn how to use patterns of student achievement on key assignments and assessments to inform instruction. In addition, the module provides practices to inform instructional adjustments using mid- and end-of-semester student feedback, as well as feedback gathered from colleague observations and consultations with faculty development specialists.
Awarded September 15, 2022
In ACUE's module Using Advanced Questioning in Online Courses, faculty learn how to plan questioning strategies that prompt critical thinking. The module also helps instructors design questioning practices such as using real-world stories to set context and deepen thought and helping students hone their own questioning skills.
Awarded October 13, 2022
In ACUE's module Developing Self-Directed Online Learners, faculty learn how to assist students in understanding and taking ownership of their own learning process. Practices are included for helping students plan their approach to assignments; providing students with opportunities to self-assess; and building student understanding about their learning strengths, preferences, and areas for growth.
Awarded November 2, 2022
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